The podcast was made possible with help from:

Suzanne Garfinkle and the Academy for Medicine and the Humanities at Mount Sinai Medical School, Noni Korf, Jeffrey Laitman, Joy Reidenberg, Talia Shalev, Rebecca Hirshchwerk, Prapti Chatterjee, Mariana Bernstein, Lee Pasarew, Isabel Reiff, Sam Reiff-Pasarew, Erika Landau, Erik Popil, Dan Caplivski, Craig Katz, Monique Moses, Jono Hustis, Anna Berman, Daniel Moerman, Jen Wineman, Julian Emanuel, Lee Overtree, Lara Crystal-Ornelas, Janet Green, Lisa O’Sullivan, Susan Rome, Charise Castro Smith, Talia Shalev, Jesse Berlin, Scott Stonington, Alan Alda, Evonne Kaplan-Liss, Valeri Lantz-Gefroh, The New York Academy of Medicine, Jamal Joseph, Impact Repertory Theater, Jessie Male, Ann Male.


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